Hello, From New York City

Hello, From New York City

| January 03, 2020

Over half of the world’s money passes through New York City.

The question is: How long will that be the case?

As F. Patrick Cunnane explains, without a true economic model in place that can be used for actionable strategy, the U.S. economy will continue to lose ground to countries like China. The Physics to Economics Model is a modern economic theory that just might be the key to keeping Times Square and Wall Street at the forefront of the global economy. Learn more in this video:


Video Transcription

You know, I am in the economic capital of the world, New York City. 

Half the money in the world is right here in New York City, or traded, or analyzed, or managed right in New York City. Half of the securities in the world are the U.S., even though the U.S. is a smaller part of the world.

I am seeing the U.S. market share decline. I am seeing China grow. 

Right now, statistically, if I look at the energy, it’s a pretty scary answer because China now has surpassed us in their energy production, which means that eventually they are going to be making more stuff than we’re making and that’s very scary. I am not seeing our growth enough. 

But the problem is, one of the problems is, as I see it, because there is not a clear way of looking at this because there is not a clear formula of logic that basically general people, people in government or the general population can easily agree on, it becomes impossible to manage things. You can’t decide to increase taxes or lower taxes, or increase regulations or not. 

So, if there is a more clear easy way to understand the operational mechanics of how the economy operates, then it’s much easier to get a consensus on what to do to make the country better, to become more wealthy as a country, to become more wealthy as the rest of the world, not just the U.S.

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