F. Patrick Cunnane is dedicated to the task of providing the general public with the tools needed to properly manage money and improve the economy. In the videos below, Cunnane talks about his book, The Physics to Economics, that gives clarity to the workings of the economy.

Hello from New York City

F. Patrick Cunnane stands in the Economic Capital of the world, New York City, where half of the money in the world passes through and into. The USA is slipping in the economic rankings of the world and Cunnane has useful information that will bring clarity to the world of economics to the general public.

So, I Am Managing Money

Managing money is a task that we all have to take on and expect to learn best practices for in school. F. Patrick Cunnane thought the same way but soon found that professors and other intellectuals didn’t have exact or perfect formulas to be applied to the topic. In this video, Cunnane discusses the link between physics and economics he found that brought clarity to how to properly manage money.

Why I Wrote The Physics to Economics Model (PEM)

In this video, F. Patrick Cunnane talks about why he wrote The Physics to Economics Model. He is concerned at the direction that the United States’ economy is heading and people can’t agree on best practices for going forward. Cunnane discusses hot-button issues such as taxes, the increase or decrease of regulations, trade deficit, and the price and importance of freedom.

When You Start Your Car

F. Patrick Cunnane talks about how the daily action of starting your car can actually be used as an analogy for the application of physics to economics. Put energy in and get wealth out. Cunnane explains more in the video below.

In this video, F. Patrick Cunnane applies the laws of physics to economics and explains the meaning behind the logo for The Physics to Economics Model (PEM). Scientific truths bring clarity to the seemingly complex world of economics.